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Your Tennis industry Association is pleased to offer 2 ways to promote your tennis programs!

Your Tennis Industry Association has sponsored an incredible opportunity
to list your spring programs for free on a variety of industry web sites

The first FREE program allows you to list your facility and describe any two (2) new player programs that will appear when a player or web site visitor does a facility search on any TIA partner web site who is currently using out Find-a-Facility search engine.
The second program uses our publishing tools that offer added search features and benefits to make your tennis programs completely searchable on the internet, such as:
bullet Simply request a Facility Program Update form (form below)
bullet Complete the online form that we will email back to you
bullet Your facility and program details will appear as a clickable link on your facility directory listing, opening as a postcard describing your new player programs- click here to see a sample of the postcard
Click on the choice that best fits you

I found my facility, and need to add my programs
I need to add my facility and my programs
bullet Get listed on any TIA partner who is currently utilizing our Find a Game, Find a Program or Find a Facility search tools
bullet Each individual event that you publish on your calendar (that you mark as "open to the public") will be listed in Find-a-Program.  Visitors "click through" to see program details (sample)
bullet Additional options allow visitors to search for specific types of events (camps, clinics, etc), that will allow you to promote your programs in areas of specific interest
bullet You get all the other benefits of such as:

You get your own web site ( with unlimited ad-free pages that you can maintain easily

A player registration function that adds your players to your own on-line email marketing database

...many more features!  Learn more today about TennisConnect by visiting or calling 888-620-6696 XT 3

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